Monday, December 27, 2010

PMS : NOW I know what it means!

"Mom says it's because she has PMS.
Do you even know what that means?
"I'm not a little kid anymore. It means pissed-at- men syndrome"

Nicholas Sparks - The Last Song

Monday, November 22, 2010

What I want....

1.  Mulberry for Target
I'm actually eyeing for the large velvet satchel - black colour (exactly like the one in the pic - the one in the middle). Latest style from Mulberry for Target. Exclusive bag at a charming price (meaning I can afford it-lah hehehe). Big bag, can fit in 13" laptop :-).

2.  Wilton Product

 Cake Decorating Tools

Novelty Shaped Pans
(Topsy Turvy is one of it - got a lot of other design that I want)

3. ipad

Even when I want to buy all the above, I definitely can't duh!! Not all at one time though. I think (hopefully hehehe) my hb would say that I can choose either No. 1 or No. 2. No. 3 out of question - need to do saving like...few months! Tsk tsk tsk

Wrong! Money can buy all the things I want above and much moreeee!! Uwaaaa

Monday, November 8, 2010


Did any of you watch P.Ramlee documentary on History Channel? I did, it's a heart-wrenching documentary. Little that I know about him except from his movie and his song. Amazing person he was...he just one of the kind!!

I was sad (and shock!!), that the Malaysia's one and only film icon died a poor man. At one point, I am angry with the Malaysian and our government then. P.Ramlee returned to Malaysia in 1964 - "back home in Malaysia". If you ask me - should he come back? I say no!!! Wrong step!!. Such a big name P.Ramlee was then, with his experience, he should have easily qualified for a bank loan to make film. Nayyyy, not in Malaysia ya!! - it is the "know who" that counts not "know how". It's how Malaysia then - and it's how we are now. (At least that how it is in the construction industry I'm in now - maybe (I hope) it differ to other industries.)

Because of that P.Ramlee unable to fulfill his dream to make a colour film!! The documentary brutally exposes how P.Ramlee tried in vain to set up P.Ramlee Productions, but was again shut by Malaysia's media and entertainment industry including RTM. Dang!!! We (Malaysian) managed to belittle him, crushed his passion and broke his spirit!. His downfall was painful to watch. Shame on us!! He died on 29th May 1973, aged 44 due to massive heart attack.

Bak kata Sasterawan Negara, Datuk A. Samad Said...kita terlalu terhutang kepadanya.... :-(

For those who haven't watch the documentary, please do. I'm sure History Channel - Astro Channel 555 will have a playback on P.Ramlee documentary.

Al-fatihah to P.Ramlee. May Allah Bless You. Amin.

Outstanding N3 - Aliff Zafran is 4!!

28th October 2010 - Aliff Zafran's Birthday.

Aliff Zafran is 4 and at this moment, he is the biggest fan of Transformers. I guess by now, everybody knows that already. So, for his birthday, I decided to make a Birthday cake for him :-). I'm not an expert when comes to birthday cakes though especially the decoration and writing part - total failure. Heheh.

This is the first cake I bake for Aliff Bday. Frosted with buttercream and the Bumbblebee pic is edible ink printed. See the wording...yikes, soo amateur hehehe. This is the cake he bring to school to celebrate with friends. Despite the imperfection of the cake, Aliff is happy & kinda proud of it because, hey, it's Bumbblebee's Cake okey!! :-)

I was on leave on 27th because Aliff was sick - sick on his Birthday as well - kesian!!. Aliff as usual, attentively watching Tranformers movie that day, so I decided to bake another birthday cake. Mainly because the 1st cake looks so ugly hehehe, I cannot smoothed the buttecream - see the yellowish sugar, I spread it on the buttecream to hide the unnecessary :-D - some sort of make-up lah hehehe.

This 2nd birthday cake, I'm using fondant. Making fondant is like making the bread dough. If you do not have a heavy duty mixer like Kenwood or KitchenAid, I advise you never try the fondant! Duh! Unlike buttercream, it's much easier to smoothed the fondant, like playing with plastercine when we were kids - roll, colour, shape etc whatever we like.The difference is that we can eat fondant cause it made from icing sugar among other things. But, honestly, I would never eat fondant - looks beautiful but not the taste.

All smiles - from left, Abang Izzat, Abang Aliff & Adek Arfan

This is how the cake looks like when I slice it. Originally, I wanted to make 7 layer of bright colour cake like rainbow colour but then I decided to make 4 colours only - too time consuming and I haven't eaten the whole day!! The base recipe is a cake flavoured with lemon, layered with a little raspberry jam. For this cake, I'm using Dorie Greenspan's Baking from My Home to Yours - Best Party Cake (how true!!) recipe.

My sister doesn't want to eat the cake, she said it's too beautiful to eat -ceh! That's the dilemma I face when I bake cakes, save for Adek (Arfan) everyone else in my family ate a little portion of cake only. So, the rest of the cake - I sedekah to our Surau - hope they like it! And oh, I did cut-off the fondant part - if I don't eat it and dislike the taste, I wouldn't want other people to eat it as well :-).

Monday, October 11, 2010

......lucky chap

My boss is promoted as Head of Construction effective 15th October 2010. CONGRATS!! Yeah...I should be happy right? Cause he is moving one step forward in his career. Yes, I am happy for him but I'm sad at the same time cause, well maybe...just maybe.... I have to report duty to other manager hu hu hu...

Boss, even though u are "up' there, don't forget to look "down" once a while.....remember me ya boss...hehehehe.

It's not as if he's reading my blog anyway....

Note : I never called him "boss", I called him by his first name hehehehe...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Rant warning : why very few things make sense to me right now.

I don't know why, but recently I (and other PM involve in construction) received e-mails from the HQ. Annoying prttthhhhh!! Something goes like these....

All projects must be on schedule, those projects that are behind schedule shall be reprimanded effective 30 November 2010. 

Please be informed that the E-Dairy shall be implemented immediately. Warning will be issued for non compliance with the E-Dairy reporting format.

Can't they choose the words carefully rather than being so harsh? So many negativity - not good okay!! It's like you telling your child - if you pee on your pants, I'm going to kill you! Daaaa...

Well hello??? What happened if our project ahead of schedule?? My previous project was 1 year ahead schedule - what did the project team get?? NADA....NOTHING.....ELEK..... choyy sangat okay!! Didn't even get the appreciation note from the management!! I guess nobody appreciate it. Like - it is your job so do it, otherwise - then watch your back!!

We have project presentation - discussion about project status, causes of delay bla bla bla this week - to be exact on Saturday and Sunday!! My oh my...of all the days, they choose to do it on weekend. Hmmpphhh......tsk..tsk..tsk...

Don't really want to think about this weekend, makes me turn sour! Hu hu hu...I bet the so-called brainstorming will be too long, too wordy, too redundant and too far fetched!! Am I overrating? Understandable lah ehhh.....

Owhh yeahh, last night I bake Blueberry Cheese Tart. Basically, it's my stress therapy. Sometimes, Il bake when I'm not really feel happy. At that time I'm not happy with the e-mails and this coming weekend...duh!!
Tadaaa...Blueberry Cheese Tart. Sedap ooooo

Takes me hours to make it. Not as easy as I think at first but it worth my time, makes 70 nos last night. Give some to my nieces & nephew and my brother, the rest to our Surau. Hope they all like it.Last night, we end-up having dinner at 9:30pm - or should I called it supper? Hehehehe..really sorry to my other half. He's grumpy when his stomach empty. Tonight I promise we'll have an early dinner...say at 7:00pm? :-)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Power comes with great responsibility

Only those who truly sincere and capable can bring greater changes and benefits to the rakyat.

With power come great responsibility. If one has the power, but does not know how to use wisely, it's going to be a waste, and it will badly affect the people who have given their trust and confidence with the hope foe better future.

There is no such thing as guaranteed peace or prosperity unless we work for it.

Speech by our Chief Minister Pehin Seri Abdul Taib. 


The title catch my attention, because I remember those words were said over and over again on TV during Hari Raya. For those who have nothing to do other than sitting in front of the TV during Hari Raya, your would realize that the Spiderman movie was played on TV like uh...everyday??? hu hu hu...

"With great power comes great responsibility" - that's what Peter Parker's (Spiderman) grandfather said before he died.

POWER - Some have it, some don't have it. Some crave for it, some lose it.

But if you do have Power like....

 you can fight the raksasa!! Yeehaaa...

The only power I have is Kasut Power - famous when I was in high school.

And I would very much like to have PowerBook - so that I can become a computer hacker and hack any bank in Malaysia without a trace and become filthy rich like Lisbeth in The Girl With The Dragoon Tattoo.

 Above all, I think I must drink POWER ROOT

so that I can become JUTAWAN.

"Terima kasih Power Root"

P/S : Do you know that Susan Boyle declared that she had never been kiss?? I think - maybe she want to be kissed in a football field like Drew Barrymore in Never Been Kissed? And to be kissed by David Arquette!! Oh my oh my....

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Soo free wehhh??

Lightning McQueen from the movie cars - was Aliff favourite movie once a upon a time.
 I thought its Ben 10 - but it's written there BEM 10. Maybe just the language difference.
Abang (Aliff) = Bumblebee :-)
 Adek (Arfan) = ELMO?? hehehe
I'm not soo free - got lots of works pending and things to follow-up but I've been delaying things like...2 weeks now huh. No specific reason just - well you can called it Raya mood syndrome. :-) It's still Syawal anyway, no cakes though - I give away all the cakes to the "needy" hehehe. Anyway cool frame, agree? For those who like these frame you can go to FRAMETOY. For those who doesn't - well - duduk diam2.

I guess it's not too late to wish all my friends - Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri. Maaf Zahir Batin.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aliff & Bumblebee

Do any of you know Bumblebee? Well, let me tell you something about Bumblebee. Bumblebee is a small Autobot with the altmode of a compact car. Often the underdog, Bumblebee is known as the younger brother of the Autobots. A bit of a wise-cracker, he is a capable and reliable messenger and spy. If he's not an autobot, he form to Chevrolet Camaro. Before this Bumblebee was a yellow Volkswagen Beetle and Bumblebee was known as the close ally of the humans, especially to Spike Witwicky. Bumblebee motto is "The least likely can be the most dangerous." The modified Bumblebee that is the Chevrolet Camaro and a good friend of Sam Witwicky, who is the boyfriend of Makeila Banes (star by Megan Fox..she's beautiful hu hu hu). By the end of the movie, he chose to stay on Earth with Sam.

Why do I seem to know "everything" about Bumblebee? Becauseeeeee I have been watching Transformers movie like 24/7 these days. My son, Aliff Zafran is a huge fan of Bumblebee. He has like hmm...3 nos of Bumblebee autobot - Made-In-China, bought from Sunday Market cost RM15 each. FYI, all have have been broken into pieces.
Made-In-China Bumblebee
Pic was taken by an amateur photographer, Aliff Zafran himself :-)

Last couple of weeks, he bought a new Bumblebee, an original one, cost me RM65. Phewww! Now his new Bumblebee cannot stand up properly - some missing parts, I think it's Bumblebee's feet.You see, I'm highlighting Bumblebee in orange because Aliff now like orange colour, if you want him to take a shower, show him orange T-shirt, that will do the trick. However, he is forever a fan of red colour.

The one that he's touching is his new Bumblebee. See his T-Shirt, also Transformers!!
Pic credit to my brother. Taken using his Blackberry Curve hu hu hu

Last night he saw his old Bumblebee picture, and he said "Tolong ambik". How can we take Bumblebee which is a picture? Of course I said, cannot because this is a picture. So, he cried! He is such a crybaby when he can't have what he hu hu hu. One of his character that annoy me. I told him I will buy a new one. He still crying, maybe he didn't understand what I said or he just like to cry.

So, I ignored him. He sleep with tears at 10pm. At 12am, he was talking in his sleep and said "Ambik Bumblebee, ambik Bumblebee" At 2:30am he was talking in his sleep again and said "Ambik Bumblebee, beli battery" So today I decide to buy him a new Bumblebee, no not because I pity him or whatsoever, it because I need my beauty sleep. Mind you, I need to wake up early at 4:30 am for Sahur.

I was hoping to buy a Made-In-China Bumblebee. Original one very expensive wehhh. Unfortunately, couldn't find Made-In-China Bumblebee cause I was looking for Bumblebee at Wonder Toys, The Spring hehehe, so I bought this, cost me RM47 (after 10% discount because I am a member).

I actually have an eye for the bigger Bumblebee, but it cost RM299 - can move & talk!! But, after a few second thinking, well its not worth it. For a kid like Aliff, as long as it's Bumblebee - original or Made-In-China doesn't make any different. Personally, I think better buy Made-In-China Bumblebee because it can move around and turn to autobot and vice versa automatically and has music ni na ni na (don't know what), you out of my way, I'm leaving in paradise...hehehehehe  
 Aliff and his new Bumblebee, smile smile smile...
Hello Bumblebee

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadhan datang lagi....

Ramadhan datang lagi...alhamdulillah, I thank Allah for allowing me to live another Ramadhan, insyaallah and pray I have another next year :-).

What I love about Ramadhan?

1. No evil spirit or ghost roaming during Ramadhan

Remember when I was a kid (even when I am a grown up now huh!!), I'm afraid of ghost. So when Ramadhan came, we can go out at night, any time (save for Maghrib - it's still a no No NO...Ramadhan or not!) and play without feeling scared at all cause when Ramadhan starts, all hantus will go back to hell...hehehe

2. Food
Hu hu hu....with bazaar Ramadhan just nearby our neighbourhood, it's the best time to try all sort of food...anytime also the best time to try all sort of food-lah but Ramadhan is the best of the best. With all the tasty delicacies available...hmm...yummy yummy. Ahh...and Ramadhan buffet. Last week, I went to Holiday Inn and saw a pamphlet on "MACAM-MACAM ADA" Mega Buffet...gah! I can't wait!!!

3. Succulent dates
Need I say more? You can't find something like these on normal day, or maybe you can but a dried dates, with not many choices.

4. The call to prayer sounds better
The muezzin sings the call to prayer from the mosque. Yeah it's a familiar sounds to most of us but hmmm...I don’t know why it sounds better during Ramadan. Is the muezzin trying harder because it’s such a special month? :-)

5. It ends with a holiday!!
Eid Al Fitr!! What is there not to love about? :-)

Anyway, to all my friends and Muslims around the world, who read my blog (as if ... hehehe), I wish...

Happy Ramadhan
May Your Patience and Strength Take You Closer to Allah.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A memo from Senator Arnold Schwarzenegger to California State Assembly


I-F-U-C-K-Y-O-U message -was it coincidental? 
Muahahahaha .... creative. Stay Classy, Arnie!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Between works, play and keeping my mouth shut

I always believe in work hard, play harder and keep my mouth shut (in the office). But recently I found out that it was so difficult to keep my mouth shut because suddenly I become a very important person in this organization and need to do alot of talking - at one time have to yell to be heard. WOW! ha ha ha....seriously its not cool anymore!

I like to be in "invisible" mode - ever since I given birth to my first son, my priority is not work anymore. However, last week my boss taken a long leave for holiday, when he's back, our department head has assigned him to other project. That means...arghhhhhhhh....I have to take over all his job until the new manager report duty which is not so soon! The worst part is, its like to do or die (read : resign) task. Personally, I know I can do the job (BRAVO!!..hehehe - angkat bakul sendiri), but I'm hmmm....unenthusiastic to deal with the top management team. For example, I hate last minute task (our RM always do this!!!)  and I hate long and dragging meeting which end up with no decision at all - and that's several hours of my life that I'll never get back!! Grrr...

Oh well, always positive ya (telling to myself) - Verily, with hardship, there is relief. Who knows, the company will increase my salary twice (as if). Oh! I want to mark today's date as my 2nd week SMSes to Datuk MD and another 5 VVIManager on our progress at site and being so-call "acting" manager with no allowance at all. Talk about foolhardiness...duh!!

Anyway, see pictures below...these makes me happy despite of the hu ha thingy happened recently.

Parcel from Kinokuniya!! I actually wanted to purchase Steig Larsson's 3rd book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest and accidently bought other 2 books by Suzaanne Collins :-). That what I called impulse purchase!! And I've done alot of that - most of the time! Bad habit! No good for my lean purse :-)

About Larsson's 3rd and last book - Gah! I feel bereft. I know all good things must end but WOW! I will miss having one more of these books to look forward to. The characters are fascinating, the story-telling is top notch, the details is interesting and relevant. It was so well-plotted!

Ladies and Gentlemen...announcement ya :-D....even if this isn't your normal genre, I highly recommend this series!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh! My Hermes Birkin

Oh okay, it's not my Hermes Birkin - this beautiful white Hermes Birkin handbag belongs to Lady Gaga. Seriously Gaga, why do you ruin this lovely bag with a Japanese-language message on it?? Grrrrr....

I'm not Lady Gaga's "little monsters" (a.k.a her fans) but I do love Hermes Birkin handbags. Can't afford it at this moment but....hmmm...but maybe one day, when I become "Datin" and have all the money in the world, I will definitely buy the Hermes Birkin handbag - the most expensive one and not even Victoria Beckham have that collection!!!! Muahaha...keep dreaming!! If you people out there don't know yet, Victoria Beckham owns 100 Hermes Birkin bags worth more than $2 million altogether. Cool ehh??

Oh by the way, the message on the bag loosely translates to "I love small monster. Tokyo love."

Monday, April 12, 2010

I wish I have blackberry

There's a reason for my post title. It's not that I'm craving for Blackberry or what - or - just because my brother have one and I must have it too...nothing whatsoever!

Just that today I have a rather pleasant surprise. When my boss came in this morning, he said that we going to have a meeting in 5 minutes. I was like huh?? So okay - I'm a bit slow on Monday.

During the meeting my boss said - We have a new instruction from our Datuk CEO. In my mind, I thought - this must be BIG! Instruction by Datuk CEO himself! Where's the fire??

Boss : Datuk want us to submit daily report to him?
Me : Huh??(Urghhh...not a good way to start my monday)
 Surprise, surprise!

Boss : He want a brief one.
Me : Brief? How brief? Ask JKL (our Site Supervisor) to do-lah.
JKL : Owhh..ok (sounds really bored)
Boss : He want progress, total manpower, status, a bit of write-up etc.
JKL : Hey, that's not brief!! I cannot make sentences, I do numbers only - ask Siti to do.
Boss : Yes, Siti will do it.
Me : that kah? (Cehhh)
Boss : Siti, you have to send it to Datuk everyday before 7p.m. And you have to report on our previous site as well - just write that we already completed bla bla bla (at this point I didn't really listened to him)
Me : Ok (half-hearted) I'll email him everyday.
Boss : No - not via email. You have to SMS him - this is his number xxx-xxxxxx (Cannot tell-lah)
Me : What? SMS?? (Then...LOL)
It's funny ok! muahahaha

Boss : Siti, this is serious! (Sounds fed-up already)
Me : (Still Laughing). It's going to be a loonggg SMS - can I ask for Blackberry??
JKL : (Silent - try hard not to laugh but he has a smile at the corner of his mouth)

Boss : Siti (sounds dead serious) by 7 p.m. Ok?
Me : (Nodding + still laughing)

At the back of my mind, this sounds really absurd. Really! We have more than 10 sites ongoing and he want us to SMS to him everyday? But then again - this is no April Fool - this is his INSTRUCTION - as an efficient (ehh??) employee, we have to do it. But of course I'm not going to SMS to Datuk (gila apa??). Let my boss do the SMS thingy...heheh...

Imagine me punching the character using my RM60 Samsung phone (I bought it during Samsung promotion - Buy one item, get a phone for RM60 :-D). Uwaaaa....really tiring weehhh. I use company phone to call and answer phone only. No SMSes - ok maybe a short one like - "K" or "I'm late 2day." To write a brief (but not so brief) report via SMS - that ABUSIVE!! HELPP.....

My NO-NONSENSE yet useful RM60 Samsung phone. 
No camera whatsoever heheh.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Patience is a.....virtue??

It's 4:30 p.m and I've just finished reading The Girl Who Played With Fire. Reading during office hours again? Well, guilty as charged.

It's a cliffhanger!!!!...uwaaaaaa. I must find the third sequel - The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest. I checked MPH online just now and the book is not available until June 2010. Geezz...US already released it on September last year!! Why are we fall far behind? Hmmphhh...can't do anything about it, so I guess I just have to be patience. Patience is after all - the greatest of all virtues.

The reviews says the 3rd - more tragic - best of all three!!! It's a horrible shame that we won't get to the 10 books that Larsson intended. Sadly, he died in 2004, just after submitting his three novels. So, I will not see my favourite female uber-rebel anymore. :-(

Monday, April 5, 2010

Fashion Disaster - Malaysia Version

Ok, so it's Monday again and here goes my Monday blues - I call it my Blue Monday, some call it Black Monday. I Google, soul-searching and try to look for answer - Why do people hate Mondays? Here's a few answer I found :

If you disdain Mondays, you are not alone (yippieee). It affects millions of people worldwide.(at least I'm not alone :-D)

It's nothing to do with the type of job you have: even people who hold rather "pleasant" jobs do not look forward to the approach of Monday either. (AGREED....I do love my job, just not Mondays)

So today, I decide to make this Monday a bit exciting. Today I'm going to do a fashion review. I'm not a fashion expert or anything, but I can definitely detect a shoddy outfits when I look at one.

No. 5
This is our famous singer - Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. Despite the fact that she's famous and has enough money to hire the best fashion designer in Malaysia - she still have to put "tudung saji" on her head phewww!! For those who don't know "tudung saji" - its purpose is to cover our food from fly etc. Here's a few example of "tudung saji"

This "tudung saji" is the most commonly use. I also use this type at home but in green colour and rectangular shape. I like green anyway.
This "tudung saji" looks almost the same as Dato' Siti's hijab. Must've been inspired by Dato' Siti (or the other way around??)

No. 4
This what I called a tragedy in fashion. The "fabulousity" Rizalman Ibrahim and "couture" Hatta Dolmat would've cry if they see this!! She wants to wear baby-t (is that what they called it? or should I say singlet??) and mini skirt but at the same time she has an obligation as a Muslim to cover herself and wearing hijab. Above all, I must say she's creative..heheh and daring....and a fashion victim (unfortunately).

No. 3
This fashion is fast become a famous trend. Nowadays, we can see alot of young (some not so young) people wearing this kind of outfit - wearing hijab or not. If your butt is one of your best attributes or if you just like bringing attention to that area, you should definitely wear something revealing like this.

I am contemplating myself as to who I want to give the Fashion Disaster (Malaysia Version) award to. I think both have the same quality to win - distinct outfit, freakish style and a total disaster.

Should I give the award to this girl

or to Zila Bakarin (she's an actress)

Speechless eehh? Told you so..both are very "artistic and different". Agreed?


That's all for today folks. Enjoy your Monday..and the rest of the week.  

Ka-chow (quote inspired from the Cars movie)

Note : Picture credit to owner (for whom I don't know) :-)