Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm pregnant again...

I just came back from clinic....and I'm pregnant again :-). We didn't plan this pregnancy, rather I decided no to take the family pill again because of the weight problem. But since god give us another baby..well, I'm happy all the same. Could it be baby girl? :-)

I just hope this pregnancy is as smooth as when I was pregnant with Aliff Zafran. No headache, no morning sickness, and most importantly very healthy. Hmmmm but last pregnancy I have high blood have to be careful with the food I take now. where did I put all my maternity clothes?? Geezzzz....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Amnesia ehh? I don’t think that the right words to describe my son condition at this moment…but he has a tendency to sleep very late and wake up around 5 or 6 o’clock in the morning just to watch cartoon!! I think the best word to describe his situations right now is…tv mania, to be exact cartoon mania!! Ever since he knows Playhouse Disney’s Channel exist, he become “attached” with all the programme in that channel….from Dibo the gift dragon, Danny & Daddy, Pocoyo, Noddy, Tigger & Pooh, Little Einstein, Handy Manny, owhhh Mickey Mouse…his favourite…and many more arghhh! I can’t even watch News nowadays!! Owhhh he even watch Imagination Movers…..gosh!!

Every night I have to persuade him to sleep, that would be 11pm then. I don’t think my son understand that his body need rest. Do other parents out there have the same issue or is it just my son?? Hmmm…of all the bad habit he has now, it does have a good thing too. I LOL-ED when I heard he says...”Oh my” “Oh no” “My my” hehehehehe…We normally speaks Malay at home, for him to say those English words…hmmm, he must’ve been very fascinated with the cartoon character. Geezz….guess we have to look thing at the bright sight, even though it means I have to sacrifice all my favourite tv programme.

I refuse to blog about my work, but I’m pissed-off because I have a male manager wearing skirts, so penakut!!