Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Launching of MS Cheese

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. It's been hmmm almost 2 months since I last update my blog. Geez.....not to say I’ve been sooo busy, but rather I’m being so lazy and kind of frustrated with the Streamyx line. One never knows why other people keep swearing with Streamyx until they experience it themselves! If there are people out there who called 100 line number every week and complaining about their streamyx line sucks….well you are not alone!!

On the other hand, I have good news….well good news for me and cheesecake lover! I’ve been selling cheesecake for festive seasons only, hari raya to be exact, now I decide its time to venture into business seriously. So I launch MS Cheese because of my passion for cheesecakes. Other than me, I never thought that cheesecake is additive to others…hehehe…then raya came, and I have order of 40 nos of cheesecakes! A rewarding experience, I must say! Tired?? U bet but I’m doing something I like most! To know that another cheesecake lover enjoying my favorite cheesecake…..it’s priceless.

Feel free to browse my cheesecake collection, http://mscheese.blogspot.com/ I will update from time to time the latest cheesecake.