Monday, December 1, 2008

Long Lost Friend...

On Sunday, my long lost friend, Marina Sani came to my house. Geez, its been hmmm...let me see, I think about 13 years (??) after I moved out from Kolej 3, UPM. We have so many things to talk about .... college misadventure, university memories, the "kebun sayur" watering every afternoon....owhh I forgot to show her the picture of us wearing kain batek...hahaha..

Did I mentioned she's chubbier than me...hehehe! Lucky me, I told her that I'm pregant thats why I'm chubby...but the truth is, it just a lame excuse! She was being modest when I ask her where did she met her husband??...hehehe...and me being me, always a wicked person keep pressing her and at last she said, fate bring them together...hehehe.....tretttt wrong answer!! So much for "korek-ing" other people love story! But never fear, I'll get the answer eventually. I think she was 'shy-shy cat' cause her husband was around at that time.

We talked for two hours, such a short time because we have so many things to talk about. She was rushing because they have to go to her parents-in-law house at Gedong....quite far from Kuching.

Being apart for so many years, alot of things change, but one thing remain the same, the friendship!! I missed being a reckless teenager...missed the adventure, the secret admirer (ooohh my handsome Sabahan guys..hehehe), the late night hantus story, the makan time (Marina room got alot of food), the college & floor orientation (geez), the skodeng at male hostel (hehehe...remember the guy showing their body from the window??), the brickwork games (this I always pinjam from Azah)...all of it!! I missed each time we together :-).

3 Sins

Last Saturday, we have a seminar at our HQ, conducted by our own COO. What really catch my attention and makes me laugh so hard when our COO said about 3 sins in our workplace. The three sins are :

1. JYE - Justify Your Existence
2. CYA - Cover Your Ass
3. BTOB - Blame The Other Bloke

What he says really true, maybe being so long at this company, actually both me and him join the company about 7 years to relate these 3 sins with the people we met at the workplace is not really a hard job. I can easily named the person to each of the sins above...and owhh the winner for MR. CYA is my very own Project Manager!! jahat!!