Monday, November 22, 2010

What I want....

1.  Mulberry for Target
I'm actually eyeing for the large velvet satchel - black colour (exactly like the one in the pic - the one in the middle). Latest style from Mulberry for Target. Exclusive bag at a charming price (meaning I can afford it-lah hehehe). Big bag, can fit in 13" laptop :-).

2.  Wilton Product

 Cake Decorating Tools

Novelty Shaped Pans
(Topsy Turvy is one of it - got a lot of other design that I want)

3. ipad

Even when I want to buy all the above, I definitely can't duh!! Not all at one time though. I think (hopefully hehehe) my hb would say that I can choose either No. 1 or No. 2. No. 3 out of question - need to do saving like...few months! Tsk tsk tsk

Wrong! Money can buy all the things I want above and much moreeee!! Uwaaaa

Monday, November 8, 2010


Did any of you watch P.Ramlee documentary on History Channel? I did, it's a heart-wrenching documentary. Little that I know about him except from his movie and his song. Amazing person he was...he just one of the kind!!

I was sad (and shock!!), that the Malaysia's one and only film icon died a poor man. At one point, I am angry with the Malaysian and our government then. P.Ramlee returned to Malaysia in 1964 - "back home in Malaysia". If you ask me - should he come back? I say no!!! Wrong step!!. Such a big name P.Ramlee was then, with his experience, he should have easily qualified for a bank loan to make film. Nayyyy, not in Malaysia ya!! - it is the "know who" that counts not "know how". It's how Malaysia then - and it's how we are now. (At least that how it is in the construction industry I'm in now - maybe (I hope) it differ to other industries.)

Because of that P.Ramlee unable to fulfill his dream to make a colour film!! The documentary brutally exposes how P.Ramlee tried in vain to set up P.Ramlee Productions, but was again shut by Malaysia's media and entertainment industry including RTM. Dang!!! We (Malaysian) managed to belittle him, crushed his passion and broke his spirit!. His downfall was painful to watch. Shame on us!! He died on 29th May 1973, aged 44 due to massive heart attack.

Bak kata Sasterawan Negara, Datuk A. Samad Said...kita terlalu terhutang kepadanya.... :-(

For those who haven't watch the documentary, please do. I'm sure History Channel - Astro Channel 555 will have a playback on P.Ramlee documentary.

Al-fatihah to P.Ramlee. May Allah Bless You. Amin.

Outstanding N3 - Aliff Zafran is 4!!

28th October 2010 - Aliff Zafran's Birthday.

Aliff Zafran is 4 and at this moment, he is the biggest fan of Transformers. I guess by now, everybody knows that already. So, for his birthday, I decided to make a Birthday cake for him :-). I'm not an expert when comes to birthday cakes though especially the decoration and writing part - total failure. Heheh.

This is the first cake I bake for Aliff Bday. Frosted with buttercream and the Bumbblebee pic is edible ink printed. See the wording...yikes, soo amateur hehehe. This is the cake he bring to school to celebrate with friends. Despite the imperfection of the cake, Aliff is happy & kinda proud of it because, hey, it's Bumbblebee's Cake okey!! :-)

I was on leave on 27th because Aliff was sick - sick on his Birthday as well - kesian!!. Aliff as usual, attentively watching Tranformers movie that day, so I decided to bake another birthday cake. Mainly because the 1st cake looks so ugly hehehe, I cannot smoothed the buttecream - see the yellowish sugar, I spread it on the buttecream to hide the unnecessary :-D - some sort of make-up lah hehehe.

This 2nd birthday cake, I'm using fondant. Making fondant is like making the bread dough. If you do not have a heavy duty mixer like Kenwood or KitchenAid, I advise you never try the fondant! Duh! Unlike buttercream, it's much easier to smoothed the fondant, like playing with plastercine when we were kids - roll, colour, shape etc whatever we like.The difference is that we can eat fondant cause it made from icing sugar among other things. But, honestly, I would never eat fondant - looks beautiful but not the taste.

All smiles - from left, Abang Izzat, Abang Aliff & Adek Arfan

This is how the cake looks like when I slice it. Originally, I wanted to make 7 layer of bright colour cake like rainbow colour but then I decided to make 4 colours only - too time consuming and I haven't eaten the whole day!! The base recipe is a cake flavoured with lemon, layered with a little raspberry jam. For this cake, I'm using Dorie Greenspan's Baking from My Home to Yours - Best Party Cake (how true!!) recipe.

My sister doesn't want to eat the cake, she said it's too beautiful to eat -ceh! That's the dilemma I face when I bake cakes, save for Adek (Arfan) everyone else in my family ate a little portion of cake only. So, the rest of the cake - I sedekah to our Surau - hope they like it! And oh, I did cut-off the fondant part - if I don't eat it and dislike the taste, I wouldn't want other people to eat it as well :-).