Saturday, February 7, 2009

For your beautiful eyes.

Lately, I’ve been watching YouTube for make-up tutorial, I think like a week already. That’s what you called integrity - doing the “right’ things when nobody watching hehehehe.

Last Friday, there’s bonuslink member’s day at Parkson, so I decided to well…just window shopping, so I said. I end-up purchased Revlon – Beyond Natural Skin Matching Makeup and Loreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara – among other things, obviously!!

I must say, I really love the Loreal mascara. I must admit I’m a bit skeptical at first – maybe because I never been very good at applying the mascara…amateur - sigh! But anyway this mascara does works wonder, it have two tubes, first we have to apply the white mascara, its called base coat that is to protect and strengthen your lashes, then applied the black colour mascara.

Overall, I think this mascara is definitely worth the extra step - it doesn’t clump and it does help to lengthen your lashes!! And most importantly it’s super easy to remove – just use warm water - no makeup remover or rubbing required! Owhh and I get free curler as well…and it cost me RM49.90 only.

Hmmm as for Revlon - Beyond Natural Skin Mathching Makeup, unfortunately I don’t really like it, it does feel “light’ on your face but after an hour, my face become shinny due to excess oil, not just at my T-zone area but all over the face! You will need blotting papers throughout the day to combat the oil slicks. Not suitable for me, I prefer the Skin79 BB Cream more!