Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One day housewife

I'm on leave today and offically i am a housewife for a day. Today is the first day school for Aliff and Afran at Smart Reader and both of them crying when we leave huhuhu - kesian.

Aliff cry because of the new environment, previously he was at LBT Kindergarten. Aliff said he doesn't like the new school cause it looks ugly hehehe which i have to agree compared with his previos school. And no Walid (his bestfriend). I hope he can adapt fast and meet "other" Walid there.

Adek cry because today is the first day to school - he's not yet 3 years old. When we arrive he was actually excited, then when teacher holds his hand to go and meet friends and we bid goodbye - he cried his heart out huhuhu kesian :(

After that went to carwash cause my car soooo dirty. Aliff bite my little lion tiger and all the white thing burst out from the stomach. Kesian the lion tiger, apalah dosa dia to Aliff.

Then i went to buy some groceries. I have the list ready so that i did not buy other unnecessary items. But like always when i go shopping - always fail to follow the list. Like today, i'm suppose to buy cream cheese - i bought cream cheese and cheese cheddar. And instead of taking oregano from the rack, i took parsley flakes as well isk3x. Apart from that - i bought keropok lah hehehe - and all that were not stated in my list. Bad habit.
After this have to go out again for lunch. I didn't cook - lazy ahh. Afternoon i plan to bake cheesecake for my brother, then maybe bake butter bun for breakfast tomorrow. Cook for dinner. Pick up both my sons from school. Jogging at library. Wah so many things to do.

Not really a housewife job i may say, i'm suppose to mop the house, change the bedsheet and spring clean my library. I think all that can wait until tomorrow cause i have one more day leave yeayyyg