Sunday, May 15, 2011

An engineer in the house?

An engineer (that's me ahhh) haven't write a book (yet) but this doctor did! After the 3rd visit to MPH, I finally manage to get this book - "A Doctor In The House" yeyyyyy. I bought it last Saturday. You know this book selling like a hot cake and I have to ask the MPH staff to reserve it for me!

The doc in my office heh

I'm always a biggest fan of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. I follow his blog from the first day Tun enters the blogworld (at that time he was using blogspot...and suspended Tun account because they thought the blog was a spam - too many visitor per day!!) and now he's in facebook - even better!!

The first time I met him and his wife, I think it was10 years ago. I remembered being so excited and brag about it with my colleagues for a whole week hehehehe. He's soft spoken and so as Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah. When we met, he did most the talking cause I was...speachless...hehehehe.

Can't say much about the book now, just started reading and now at page 60 out of 843 pages hehehe...really slow...cause yesterday I spent the whole day reading "Dear John" by Nicolas Sparks (I read e-book for this novel) - like always when Sparks wrote - someone must die hishhhh. The day before that, I read Smooth Talking Stranger by Lisa Kleypas and The Lady Most Likely - a collaborative romance novel by Julia Quinn, Eloisa James and Connie Brockway. So you see...I've been busy :-) and I have to make time for my other passion as well - baking! I was suppose to bake macarons again after I fail on my last hu hu

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ice cream, keropok and kereta.....

This is a story of my sons name Aliff Zarfan and Afran Zaquan

Normah - 2 weeks ago
Aliff Zafran
Dr. Alex : Aliff - no ice cream, no cold water, no keropok
Aliff : Ma, no keropok?
Me : Yes, no keropok.
Aliff : Kereta??
Me : No kereta
Aliff : ice cream, no keropok - kereta boleh!
Me : (Bo-layan)

Normah - 1 week ago.
Afran Zaquan
Dr. Alex : Flu again? No...(didn't able to say the whole sentences hu hu hu cause adek says...)
Adek : Mintakk....mintak popok (keropok)
Dr. Alex : (Laughing) Ingat makan saja...
Me : (LOL - memalukan sungguh but he's cute - so it's acceptable hehehe)

Time flies and both of them growing so fast! I remember being so worried with Aliff cause at age of  almost 3 years old he was really slow to talk. Was thinking there are something wrong and worst case is autism. Praise to Allah, it was just a false alarm. Now he can speak well (terlampau pandai actually).

At home (our normal conversation)
Aliff : Ma, no ice cream?
Me : No ice cream
Aliff : No keropok?
Me : No, no keropok
Aliff : Cola putih (meaning 100 plus)?
Me : Cola putih boleh
Aliff : Sa-yuy (Sayur = Vege) ?
Me : Sayur boleh
Aliff : Ayam (Fried chicken) boleh
Me : Boleh
Aliff : Kereta??
Me : (Usually at this point I pretend to think...then) No kereta.
Aliff :Ooooo....(think for a while...then)
Aliff : No ice cream, no kerepok, Sa-yuy boleh, Ayam boleh...(pause)....kereta??
Me : .^__^
Adek : Keta (kereta = car) ....(then)....mintak popok (saying it out loud!!!)

Hu hu hu......Adek latest obsession is car, to be precise - Mater - an old towing truck in Cars movie. He would watch it over and over again. He also remember the scene in those movies - like fire scene, before the fire appear...he would shout.......apiiiiiiiiiiiiii......

Adek Afran watching Cars movie

Mater - pic taken by Adek