Monday, April 5, 2010

Fashion Disaster - Malaysia Version

Ok, so it's Monday again and here goes my Monday blues - I call it my Blue Monday, some call it Black Monday. I Google, soul-searching and try to look for answer - Why do people hate Mondays? Here's a few answer I found :

If you disdain Mondays, you are not alone (yippieee). It affects millions of people worldwide.(at least I'm not alone :-D)

It's nothing to do with the type of job you have: even people who hold rather "pleasant" jobs do not look forward to the approach of Monday either. (AGREED....I do love my job, just not Mondays)

So today, I decide to make this Monday a bit exciting. Today I'm going to do a fashion review. I'm not a fashion expert or anything, but I can definitely detect a shoddy outfits when I look at one.

No. 5
This is our famous singer - Dato' Siti Nurhaliza. Despite the fact that she's famous and has enough money to hire the best fashion designer in Malaysia - she still have to put "tudung saji" on her head phewww!! For those who don't know "tudung saji" - its purpose is to cover our food from fly etc. Here's a few example of "tudung saji"

This "tudung saji" is the most commonly use. I also use this type at home but in green colour and rectangular shape. I like green anyway.
This "tudung saji" looks almost the same as Dato' Siti's hijab. Must've been inspired by Dato' Siti (or the other way around??)

No. 4
This what I called a tragedy in fashion. The "fabulousity" Rizalman Ibrahim and "couture" Hatta Dolmat would've cry if they see this!! She wants to wear baby-t (is that what they called it? or should I say singlet??) and mini skirt but at the same time she has an obligation as a Muslim to cover herself and wearing hijab. Above all, I must say she's creative..heheh and daring....and a fashion victim (unfortunately).

No. 3
This fashion is fast become a famous trend. Nowadays, we can see alot of young (some not so young) people wearing this kind of outfit - wearing hijab or not. If your butt is one of your best attributes or if you just like bringing attention to that area, you should definitely wear something revealing like this.

I am contemplating myself as to who I want to give the Fashion Disaster (Malaysia Version) award to. I think both have the same quality to win - distinct outfit, freakish style and a total disaster.

Should I give the award to this girl

or to Zila Bakarin (she's an actress)

Speechless eehh? Told you so..both are very "artistic and different". Agreed?


That's all for today folks. Enjoy your Monday..and the rest of the week.  

Ka-chow (quote inspired from the Cars movie)

Note : Picture credit to owner (for whom I don't know) :-)


ilyani said...

cant help but have to giggle at the tudung saji fashion! so appropriate to be cover on SAJI magazine :P

ice♥ice said...

nice entry!
nowadays there are too many candidates for diz fashiOn disaster awards in our country..
hard to choose..hee ~

paan said...

dua gambar last tue , gila hodoh...gambar pompuan hampir seksi tapi masih menutup aurat tu bagus..hahaha.

Siti said...

ilyani - glad I can make you giggle on Monday.

ice - thanks.