Monday, April 12, 2010

I wish I have blackberry

There's a reason for my post title. It's not that I'm craving for Blackberry or what - or - just because my brother have one and I must have it too...nothing whatsoever!

Just that today I have a rather pleasant surprise. When my boss came in this morning, he said that we going to have a meeting in 5 minutes. I was like huh?? So okay - I'm a bit slow on Monday.

During the meeting my boss said - We have a new instruction from our Datuk CEO. In my mind, I thought - this must be BIG! Instruction by Datuk CEO himself! Where's the fire??

Boss : Datuk want us to submit daily report to him?
Me : Huh??(Urghhh...not a good way to start my monday)
 Surprise, surprise!

Boss : He want a brief one.
Me : Brief? How brief? Ask JKL (our Site Supervisor) to do-lah.
JKL : Owhh..ok (sounds really bored)
Boss : He want progress, total manpower, status, a bit of write-up etc.
JKL : Hey, that's not brief!! I cannot make sentences, I do numbers only - ask Siti to do.
Boss : Yes, Siti will do it.
Me : that kah? (Cehhh)
Boss : Siti, you have to send it to Datuk everyday before 7p.m. And you have to report on our previous site as well - just write that we already completed bla bla bla (at this point I didn't really listened to him)
Me : Ok (half-hearted) I'll email him everyday.
Boss : No - not via email. You have to SMS him - this is his number xxx-xxxxxx (Cannot tell-lah)
Me : What? SMS?? (Then...LOL)
It's funny ok! muahahaha

Boss : Siti, this is serious! (Sounds fed-up already)
Me : (Still Laughing). It's going to be a loonggg SMS - can I ask for Blackberry??
JKL : (Silent - try hard not to laugh but he has a smile at the corner of his mouth)

Boss : Siti (sounds dead serious) by 7 p.m. Ok?
Me : (Nodding + still laughing)

At the back of my mind, this sounds really absurd. Really! We have more than 10 sites ongoing and he want us to SMS to him everyday? But then again - this is no April Fool - this is his INSTRUCTION - as an efficient (ehh??) employee, we have to do it. But of course I'm not going to SMS to Datuk (gila apa??). Let my boss do the SMS thingy...heheh...

Imagine me punching the character using my RM60 Samsung phone (I bought it during Samsung promotion - Buy one item, get a phone for RM60 :-D). Uwaaaa....really tiring weehhh. I use company phone to call and answer phone only. No SMSes - ok maybe a short one like - "K" or "I'm late 2day." To write a brief (but not so brief) report via SMS - that ABUSIVE!! HELPP.....

My NO-NONSENSE yet useful RM60 Samsung phone. 
No camera whatsoever heheh.

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