Monday, November 8, 2010


Did any of you watch P.Ramlee documentary on History Channel? I did, it's a heart-wrenching documentary. Little that I know about him except from his movie and his song. Amazing person he was...he just one of the kind!!

I was sad (and shock!!), that the Malaysia's one and only film icon died a poor man. At one point, I am angry with the Malaysian and our government then. P.Ramlee returned to Malaysia in 1964 - "back home in Malaysia". If you ask me - should he come back? I say no!!! Wrong step!!. Such a big name P.Ramlee was then, with his experience, he should have easily qualified for a bank loan to make film. Nayyyy, not in Malaysia ya!! - it is the "know who" that counts not "know how". It's how Malaysia then - and it's how we are now. (At least that how it is in the construction industry I'm in now - maybe (I hope) it differ to other industries.)

Because of that P.Ramlee unable to fulfill his dream to make a colour film!! The documentary brutally exposes how P.Ramlee tried in vain to set up P.Ramlee Productions, but was again shut by Malaysia's media and entertainment industry including RTM. Dang!!! We (Malaysian) managed to belittle him, crushed his passion and broke his spirit!. His downfall was painful to watch. Shame on us!! He died on 29th May 1973, aged 44 due to massive heart attack.

Bak kata Sasterawan Negara, Datuk A. Samad Said...kita terlalu terhutang kepadanya.... :-(

For those who haven't watch the documentary, please do. I'm sure History Channel - Astro Channel 555 will have a playback on P.Ramlee documentary.

Al-fatihah to P.Ramlee. May Allah Bless You. Amin.

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Cyril Dason said...

i missed it too.. hope to catch a reply. I enjoyed the one on Tun Mahathir :-)