Thursday, April 10, 2014

Great work...

#reminder to myself
The saddest thing in life is wasted talent.
Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.

Monday, March 17, 2014 journey to fitness & wellness

Every year I have resolution to lose weight, and every year I weighted more than the previous year huh! This year resolution is ....

 It's sound more realistic, you agree? Positive mind is everything that's why it sits on top of the chart. What you think, you become. So, if I believe that I can be fit, and so I can! Truthfully, I one of many people that think to lose weight I must take diet pills. Gosh! There are alot out there, all sort of brand and all "gerenti kurus" !!! And these so-called "gerenti kurus" diet pills or supplement ain't cheap either!

My brother, Sam insist that I joined 6 weeks Jom Kurus 1 Malaysia (JK1M) program by Kevin Zahri, Malaysian fitness guru. I joined JK1M Season 1 which started on 11th January 2014 and ended on 22nd February 2014. After 6 weeks, I lose 7kg, with the intense training on every Saturday with our coach Saw and daily "Secret Weapon" exercise every day.  No secret, no pills, just healthy diet and regular exercise. Amazing!

I met new people, new friends I must say. Well, I did met new people when I resigned from the previous company to recent one but  meeting new people when we are at "play" is different than when we are at "work". I must say, it's a refreshing start for 2014 and wish for better days ahead. Thanks to JK1M Season 1 team, knowing you (most of you-lah) brighten my days, and the loyar buruk @ WhatsApp really makes me smile and laugh. Such unusual the way we met, but I cherish every moment.

 JK1M Season 1 - Kuching Team

Who said exercising can't be fun? We have lots of fun even though the training can be strenuous that I won't be able to walk the next day. Duh!! Owhh that 2 cakes, I baked ;-).

I must admit, after the 6 weeks program, my aim is not about just losing weight but healthy lifestyle. Now the JK1M Season 2 starts (15th March 2014), lets Go Like Hell!!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cintailah Rasulullah.....kerana baginda sangat menyayangi kita.

Ustaz Don : Apa yang ada di dalam rumah kita SEKARANG yang mengingatkan kita kepada baginda Rasulullah? Apa? .....TIADA.....tiada
~ 30minit Ustaz Don - Cinta Rasul. ~

Sad but true...astagfirullah al azim.Ya Allah, dapatkah aku mencintai Rasulullah sepertimana baginda mencintaiku? :-(

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