Friday, November 11, 2011

11.11.11 = Ambivalence

 I received a called from my boss secretary this morning - I will be transferred to HQ effective Monday, 14th November 2011. Today the date I want to remembered being feeling happy and sad at the same time - "ambivalence" a positive and negative feeling.

I've known for months that I will be transferred to HQ because I will be assigned with a new project - I'm actually looking forward for a new things to do - a promise of a new experience. But this fast? Gah! I was hoping these all be happening next year - you know, New Year = New things to do + New experience + New working environment bla bla bla :-)

I actually been hmmm reviewing the good and bad things about all this :

1. BAD No.1
I have to come to go to work early like 8:15am and back at 5:30pm whilst at site office, our office hours until  5:00pm only and coming to work wellll...after I have my breakfast (can't say what time - afraid my boss might be reading this hehehehe)

2.  BAD No. 2
At HQ so many bosses whilst at site, I'm the boss (I mean I'm still coolie-lah, but because all the bosses at HQ, so I'm the boss here hehehehe)

3. BAD No. 3
I will not going to have my own room - don't dream-lah - managers (below GM) at HQ got partition only hehehe, whilst at site I have a room with a big space - I say bigger than our GM space hahaha. I love having a room, more private, comfortable, and hmmm...I just love having a room-lah.

4. The only GOOD things at HQ (apart of my new assignment) is that - I'm will not working on Saturday yeaaaa!!! Meaning can jalan-jalan on Saturday! Can spend more time with my dude and my 2 dudans. Meaning I can say TGIF!!hehehe...and that's all count. I feel good already!! (Really??)

Wokeyy, I'm ready for Monday - hope it will make a difference in my life (I mean good difference)