Saturday, April 3, 2010

But Why??

Did you read the newspaper about a 15 years old girl who run away and then SMS her family, informed them that she's married? I saw the her mother's picture in Berita Harian yesterday, she's devastated. I'm really angry with the girl who is so self-centered and stupid (if I may add). The family were looking high and low for her, worried about her safety and thought that she had been kidnapped. She turned up and told her family  that no matter what happened - she want to get married...grrrrrrr!!

When I was 15 years old, it never even crossed my mind to have a boyfriend let alone getting married.Gosh, at that time I still play police and thieve (one to jaga, polis mati pencuri jaga...lariiiiii), play "batu seremban"and sometimes "gusti lengan" (arm wrestling) with my family member. In short, I was still a kid back then and I enjoyed being one. Never in my life would have thought getting married at the tender age like that!! Yikes...

Yeah...yeah...I know....LOVE IS BLIND.

Alicia Keys says : 
Well people don't see what I see
Even when them right there
Standing next to me
And all of my friends think I'm crazy for loving you
But they don't know
There's nothing else I can do
And it's too bad 'cause love is blind.

Love is blind when you did not notice anything happen around you. It's not that people don't see what you see, but you fail to comprehend what others were trying to say. So, be careful when you are going to be blind in love. Be a little bit alert with anything around you before it gets too late.

Sometimes you are so blinded with the so-called love, you end up getting pregnant and killing you own baby! Now, that have been hot news nowadays. Almost every day we read or heard the news about new born baby been thrown away in the bin or leave to die!! Sick people!!!

If you fall in love - fine. If you're pregnant (and not married)- also fine (it's a sin but you has make mistake - REPENT - God is forgiving) but if you kill your unborn/born child - it's cruel and you should be hang to death for killing!!

Love should not be restricted to your spouse (who you fall head over heels in love with - understand the feeling completely :-)) only. Love means caring for others - your family, friends, neighbours, yada yada (I think you get what I mean already) ....and please please please kamu jangan nakal don't forget to love yourself! After all, who deserved it more? The more loving you are to yourself, the more loving you will be able to be to everyone around you.

So, young ladies out there, please ya, when you fall in love, don't be blinded with it. Be alert all the time. If you make mistakes (a.k.a pregnant and not married), please don't carry the burden yourself, talk to your family (of course they will be angry but they will cool down and support you, insyaallah) or friends or anyone - you'll be surprise that there are many good people out there who is not judgemental and willing to help. If above all fail, call the number below...don't kill your innocent baby pleaseeeee, you already commit one sin, don't add another one. 

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