Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hear your heart. Heart your health.

Do any of you know Din Beramboi? He's Era Radio DJ and also a comedian. Every morning I always listen to "Riuh Pagi Era" hosted by Aznil Hj. Nawawi and Din Beramboi. But yesterday was not like my other day - there's no "Riuh" at all at Era Radio instead the DJs sounds gloomy especially Aznil. I was like...hey what happened? Then I heard Aznil announce that Din Beramboi has slipped into coma and in critical condition at ICU Selayang Hospital. He was reportedly suffering from dengue haemorrhagic fever and there are rumours that he had leptospirosis disease.

Today when I turned on Era channel, there were other DJs on air - they talked about FA cup and giggles alot prthhh, no Aznil and definitely no Din Beramboi. That means no Drama Sebabak or Sawancara - the segments that I like and enjoy most - very funny I tell you! Sometimes I laugh until my eyes water - who would have thought that nasi lemak is actually a person's name, or there's nelayan(fisherman) at Ipoh,Perak has a boat called kapal korek (actually he add the word "hidung" heheh). I always have a good laugh listen to both of them every uhuh - what a sad way to start a day!! Lets pray for Din Beramboi speedy recovery.

If you have a fever, please see the doctor quickly! Do not assume that the fever is just an ordinary could be something else, something deadly like dengue or leptospirosis. Both disease are very dangerous, start with just so-called normal fever but it's not!!! This is a true story happened in my office a month ago, my TA was having fever, 3 days in a row. I told him so many time even on his last day, to go seek medication, I even "shoo" him to go home and rest. Stubborn old guy, afraid to see doctor. His whole working life here, he never take sick leave, he even received a recognition for staff who never claim sick leave - he received that certificate every year. We have such recognition here and the company will pay you RM150 for that. But, I of course never received that kind of recognition - hye I'm human not robot, I do sick once a while! Anyway, my TA passed away in this very office, he fainted at 4:50p.m and passed away at 5:05p.m. I was there, in fact all my colleagues were there to witnessed it! Sad. RIP.

So, never treat a fever lightly will ya! If you sick, go see the doctor, seek for medication!! Don't be so hardworking la. Your health is very important. If anything happened to you (meaning dead), the company can only send their deepest sympathy to your family, a bit of contributions and a bunch of flowers at your funeral. Please do take good care of yourself. Your greatest wealth is your health - not your work, or money or whatever it is! They said, money can't buy you happiness. I say, money can't buy you health. With money you can definitely be happy - but maybe a different kind of happiness.

Owhh, just a reminder, if you don't have health insurance, go get one now. I mean seriously - get it! Medication can be very expensive nowadays. Don't burden you love ones with your medical bills, let the insurance company take care of it.

P/S : I have scary things happened in our office a week after he's death. Maybe I'll tell you guy when I'm up to it.

Update @ 10a.m 02/03/10
Al-Fatihah to Din Beramboi. He passed away at 12.30am at the Intensive Care Unit of the Selayang Hospital. May his soul rest in peace.

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