Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Between works, play and keeping my mouth shut

I always believe in work hard, play harder and keep my mouth shut (in the office). But recently I found out that it was so difficult to keep my mouth shut because suddenly I become a very important person in this organization and need to do alot of talking - at one time have to yell to be heard. WOW! ha ha ha....seriously its not cool anymore!

I like to be in "invisible" mode - ever since I given birth to my first son, my priority is not work anymore. However, last week my boss taken a long leave for holiday, when he's back, our department head has assigned him to other project. That means...arghhhhhhhh....I have to take over all his job until the new manager report duty which is not so soon! The worst part is, its like to do or die (read : resign) task. Personally, I know I can do the job (BRAVO!!..hehehe - angkat bakul sendiri), but I'm hmmm....unenthusiastic to deal with the top management team. For example, I hate last minute task (our RM always do this!!!)  and I hate long and dragging meeting which end up with no decision at all - and that's several hours of my life that I'll never get back!! Grrr...

Oh well, always positive ya (telling to myself) - Verily, with hardship, there is relief. Who knows, the company will increase my salary twice (as if). Oh! I want to mark today's date as my 2nd week SMSes to Datuk MD and another 5 VVIManager on our progress at site and being so-call "acting" manager with no allowance at all. Talk about foolhardiness...duh!!

Anyway, see pictures below...these makes me happy despite of the hu ha thingy happened recently.

Parcel from Kinokuniya!! I actually wanted to purchase Steig Larsson's 3rd book, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets' Nest and accidently bought other 2 books by Suzaanne Collins :-). That what I called impulse purchase!! And I've done alot of that - most of the time! Bad habit! No good for my lean purse :-)

About Larsson's 3rd and last book - Gah! I feel bereft. I know all good things must end but WOW! I will miss having one more of these books to look forward to. The characters are fascinating, the story-telling is top notch, the details is interesting and relevant. It was so well-plotted!

Ladies and Gentlemen...announcement ya :-D....even if this isn't your normal genre, I highly recommend this series!!!

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