Monday, August 16, 2010

Aliff & Bumblebee

Do any of you know Bumblebee? Well, let me tell you something about Bumblebee. Bumblebee is a small Autobot with the altmode of a compact car. Often the underdog, Bumblebee is known as the younger brother of the Autobots. A bit of a wise-cracker, he is a capable and reliable messenger and spy. If he's not an autobot, he form to Chevrolet Camaro. Before this Bumblebee was a yellow Volkswagen Beetle and Bumblebee was known as the close ally of the humans, especially to Spike Witwicky. Bumblebee motto is "The least likely can be the most dangerous." The modified Bumblebee that is the Chevrolet Camaro and a good friend of Sam Witwicky, who is the boyfriend of Makeila Banes (star by Megan Fox..she's beautiful hu hu hu). By the end of the movie, he chose to stay on Earth with Sam.

Why do I seem to know "everything" about Bumblebee? Becauseeeeee I have been watching Transformers movie like 24/7 these days. My son, Aliff Zafran is a huge fan of Bumblebee. He has like hmm...3 nos of Bumblebee autobot - Made-In-China, bought from Sunday Market cost RM15 each. FYI, all have have been broken into pieces.
Made-In-China Bumblebee
Pic was taken by an amateur photographer, Aliff Zafran himself :-)

Last couple of weeks, he bought a new Bumblebee, an original one, cost me RM65. Phewww! Now his new Bumblebee cannot stand up properly - some missing parts, I think it's Bumblebee's feet.You see, I'm highlighting Bumblebee in orange because Aliff now like orange colour, if you want him to take a shower, show him orange T-shirt, that will do the trick. However, he is forever a fan of red colour.

The one that he's touching is his new Bumblebee. See his T-Shirt, also Transformers!!
Pic credit to my brother. Taken using his Blackberry Curve hu hu hu

Last night he saw his old Bumblebee picture, and he said "Tolong ambik". How can we take Bumblebee which is a picture? Of course I said, cannot because this is a picture. So, he cried! He is such a crybaby when he can't have what he hu hu hu. One of his character that annoy me. I told him I will buy a new one. He still crying, maybe he didn't understand what I said or he just like to cry.

So, I ignored him. He sleep with tears at 10pm. At 12am, he was talking in his sleep and said "Ambik Bumblebee, ambik Bumblebee" At 2:30am he was talking in his sleep again and said "Ambik Bumblebee, beli battery" So today I decide to buy him a new Bumblebee, no not because I pity him or whatsoever, it because I need my beauty sleep. Mind you, I need to wake up early at 4:30 am for Sahur.

I was hoping to buy a Made-In-China Bumblebee. Original one very expensive wehhh. Unfortunately, couldn't find Made-In-China Bumblebee cause I was looking for Bumblebee at Wonder Toys, The Spring hehehe, so I bought this, cost me RM47 (after 10% discount because I am a member).

I actually have an eye for the bigger Bumblebee, but it cost RM299 - can move & talk!! But, after a few second thinking, well its not worth it. For a kid like Aliff, as long as it's Bumblebee - original or Made-In-China doesn't make any different. Personally, I think better buy Made-In-China Bumblebee because it can move around and turn to autobot and vice versa automatically and has music ni na ni na (don't know what), you out of my way, I'm leaving in paradise...hehehehehe  
 Aliff and his new Bumblebee, smile smile smile...
Hello Bumblebee


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