Thursday, June 12, 2008

No more petrol price increases this year

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said to stem any more increase, the Government would have to think of alternative ways to finance its spending.

“Since the Government announced the new price last week, fuel prices have gone up to US$139 per barrel and is still hovering at US$130."

“In fact, the price of oil is expected to remain at high levels in the months to come. The high price of oil means that the market price of petrol at the pumps have now reached RM3.45 per litre,” he said, pointing out that the price should be reviewed to RM3.15 per litre (with a discount of 30 sen) instead of RM2.70 beginning next month.

“However, the Government realised that the rakyat is still trying to adapt to the higher petrol prices. The Cabinet has thus decided there will be no more increase this year,” he told reporters at his office yesterday

Source : The Star

Good to hear that PM realise that rakyat are suffering of higher petrol price! He only mentioned petrol price but what about diesel? I hope he will not change his mind again and give us another surprise! We all know our PM like surprises....

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