Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My 2 days at Post Office

1st Day

With my enthusiasm to get the cash rebate on last saturday, 14 June 2008, I went to to the nearby Post Office at Choice Supermall...imagine my shock when I saw massive crowd when I drove by the post office...geezz...it was 7:30a.m at that time...and here I thought I want to have some breakfast and then queue-up for my turn. And so I have some breakfast with hope that the people getting tired to lined up and go back home...hehehe.

After breakfast, I went to Batu Kawa Post Office just to checked the crowd....hmmm not a compromising situation...everybody was pushing at each other....no so called the Malaysian hospitality.......so I just give up the idea and drove back to Choice Supermall.

It was already 10a.m when I arrived at Choice Supermall Post Office. Not so many people...so I went in and get the form...the lady give me the number....my number is 233

...the number at that time is 61....imagine that!! However, its much much better compared with Batu Kawa Post Office cause nobody pushing at each other to get the money!! I spend one hour shopping at Choice Supermall and went back home...eat...sleep for a while... At 12p.m I went there again, but to my dissapointment the number at that time is 128 hmmm....I go home again and rest....lucky though my house is very near. At 1:30p.m I went there once again and the number is 182...I give up...not because I don't want to wait anymore but because they already out of cash...they are giving postal money instead!! So I thought I will try again on Monday, 17 June 2008 since I'm on leave that day!

2nd Day

I went to the Main Post Office around 9:45a.m after a "huge" breakfast because I want to be mentally and physically ready for my new challenge - Battle for Cash Rebate. I went there and fill-in the form again! After that I checked whether my car eligible for RM625 cash rebate. Only after that I'm allowed to queue-up at Counter 6, 7 or 8....my my my...its even worst than Batu Kawa Post Office let alone Choice Supermall Post Office...everybody was like "sardine". 1 counter can have 4 or 5 line and everybody were pushing one another!! I already have a 2nd thought whether to join the crowd or come back another time. But I decide to queue-up because I got the feeling that my boss won't allowed me to take any more leave after this!

So I queue-up, after 15 minutes, I was getting nowhere!! The queue not moving foward...in fact its not moving at all!! Geezz....why can't the Main Post Office use numbering system!! So I decide its time to act! I start making my move through the ocean of people.....squeezing myself (as if I'm so small...hehehehe)..at that time nobody care whether you are queue-up or you just simply jump queue....there's no rules at all...everybody was being selfish and pushing to get the money! When I finally at the 2nd row, I asked the Post Office's personel whether I can submit my form first then he'll call me later...of course I was being extra nice at that time.....thats called girl power....hehehehe......lucky the guy was very kind -imagine how many people he have to deal that day! When I submit the form, I also collect forms from others especially ladies and old peoples....sometimes I'm being selective...hehehe....within 15 minutes I'm all smiles with the money in my hand!
Mission accomplished at 10:30a.m!! However, on behalf of the ladies and old peoples, I do hope that Post Office implementing the numbering system...or simply give priority especially to old peoples and pregnant ladies.

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