Saturday, June 21, 2008

"Bigfoot" was here?

DARO: Villagers here are reeling from the shock of discovering two extra large footprints near the fence of a nearby orchard. The large footprints was found by Resident of Kampung Ulu Daro.

They probably resembled those mentioned many times in foreign reports in claims of sightings of the mysterious ‘Bigfoot’.

According to Wikipedia, Bigfoot is one of the more famous creatures in cryptozoology, and, like many cryptids around the world, there is a fierce debate as to whether the Bigfoot species exists or not. Cryptozoologist John Willison Green has postulated that Bigfoot is a worldwide phenomenon.

The footprints have sparked a debate of whether they are genuine or fake.

For some believers in Daro, they said the prints were linked to unclean spirits. Others even asked whether there were oversized beasts in Sarawak.

Countless people around the world claimed to have seen the hairy hominoid Bigfoot, but the evidence of its existence is fuzzy.

Source : The Borneo Post

For those who never been to Sarawak, Daro is a district and small town in Mukah Division, Sarawak. The nearest town in Daro is Matu.

If you plan to come to Mukah, make it between mid-March and early April to celebrate Kaul Festival....wah siap promote!!

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