Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cost-cutting to save RM2 billion

" PM announces government cost cutting measures

PUTRAJAYA: The entertainment allowances of ministers and deputy ministers will be slashed and their paid holidays will now be limited to local and Asean destinations.

These as well as several other steps, including a freeze on new government posts and assets purchase, would save the Government RM2bil.

The slashing of allowances and limitation on paid holidays take effect on July 1. Even the Prime Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister will not be spared this new ruling."

Source : The Star

Now, PM's entertainment allowance is reduced by RM1,886.50 and DPM suffers a cut of RM1,501.50. 10% only? Why not 50% - baru gempak!! What about other allowances - no cutting?? Wah...the entertainment allowance alone is more than my salary....I wonder who do they entertain?

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