Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I redeem the Tepee & Tunnel Play Set from Direct Access Member Award for my little Aliff Zafran. When the play set arrive, gosh!! It was gigantic, never thought it would take almost 50% of my TV area.

I wish we can have an outdoor exploration; it would be so much fun! However for the time being Aliff Zafran seems to be pleased camping in front of TV set….plus he can watch his favorite cartoon, Mickey Mouse from the tunnel.

Here’s a sneak peek of Aliff Zafran goes camping.

It’s kind of difficult to snap a picture of him when he busy playing.

I told him I want to take a picture of him with the play set, he stop playing and pose. In fact, he stands perfectly still!

Tadaaa....take a look inside his tent, empty not even a sleeping blanket! Hehehe...but he seems "okay" with that!

Ahhh...this is his favourite part of the play set, the tunnel! If you couldn't find him anywhere in the house, just peek inside the tunnel!!

Crawling...crawling....crawling....fuhhh! Last time he crawls really slowly, now…huh! don’t think I can catch-up with him anymore!

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