Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Longest "Kek Lapis" in Malaysia

Sarawak bakers has break the Malaysia Book of Record for baking the longest “kek lapis” or layered cake for the nation. More than 20 skilled and semi-skilled bakers took 8 days (July 18 to 25) to bake the 14 meter long “kek lapis” measuring 0.19 meters wide and 0.4 meters height.

The layered cake worth approximately RM16,000 was produce in conjunction with celebration of the 45 years of Sarawak’s Independence in Malaysia.

The layered cake is kind of nice to look at but personally, I’m not a fan of layered cake. During Hari Raya a lot of my friends serve layered cake for guests, I have to admit the design really creative but the taste almost the same. Tasteless...owhh my personal opinion only :-)
The truth is, I am in Cheesecake Madness category (if there’s such category!!). These are the mouth-watering cheesecake I bake last week.

Marbled Cheesecake
I have always been looking for easy delicious recipes for cheesecake. This marbled cheesecake is easy, sweet, rich and very creamy.

Dark Chocolate Layered Cheesecake
This cake is so smooth, you'll swear your eating a...well, who knows what other food is so smooth..hehe..over-lah pulak!
Triple Layered Cheesecake
This is my all time favourite cheesecake. The bottom layer I mixed it with peanut butter, the middle and top layer were mixed with melted dark and white chocolate chip. Hmmm...yummuy yummy

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