Tuesday, July 1, 2008

In the name of BEAUTY

I’ve been busy recently…no no no….nothing to do with work…hehehehe…I’ve been browsing around the internet and got myself stuck at Cari Forum. I always visit that site but these days have been different because I enter “Beauty and Fashion Tips” forum!!

I’ve read a long thread about Jamu Mak Dara…..imagine reading about 59 pages of real people’s testimonial! I called them real because they are neither models nor celebrity. I really got hooked. I quickly make the purchase and received the product last Saturday. Yeehaaa…so now I’m “on diet” though quite frankly last few days I’ve been taking Mc Donald, ayam panggang, burger, pizza…so many thing lah…how to diet? Never mind…I’ll start all over again!! Never give up trying… :-)
Here how Jamu Mak Dara will make a different for me...sorry too lazy to translate in English...
- Membuang toksik didalam badan
- Membuang angin
- Menyuburkan rahim
- Masalah keputihan
- Merapatkan faraj
- Memberi tenaga, cergas seawal pagi.
- Membetulkan sistem kitaran haid
- Membakar lemak dan menurunkan berat badan
- Mengurangkan bau badan
- Menambahkan nafsu syahwat
- Mengurangkan sakit pinggang dan lemah tubuh badan
- Awet muda

On Monday, I once again visit that Forum….I must’ve got addicted or something hehehe....I saw a thread about BB Cream (also known as Blemish Balm)….this product really make me excited. Really…have a look at the picture below and you know what I mean!

I try to look this product all around Kuching with no luck! So just now, I purchase BB Cream Skin79 online…quite expensive though. I don’t have any skin problem…I’ve been using SK II for 2 years now and it seem ok but well being a woman…we never satisfied .. of course we want a “perfect” skin. Is there’s such thing as perfect skin?

Anyway, here something worth reading ......It is not only skincare product, but also make-up product. They are certified different function such as :
- sun protection
- winkle free
- Whitening
- Moisturizing function
- Excellently concealing any types of pigmentation or discoloration area
- Provide coverage without clogging skin pores.

For someone whose not wearing heavy make-up like me…I think BB cream is simply great because it can replace make-up base/premier and foundation! Wah!

I was never a beauty conscious but if these 2 products can make me look good…well its worth trying!! As for now I banned myself from entering the “Beauty & Fashion Tips” forum again....banned until I got bonus that is…otherwise die-lah every month pokai!!

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