Saturday, March 27, 2010

Flu + Cough + Fever = Catastrophe week

This week has been a very tiring week for me. First Aliff has a fever. Usually when he has a fever, it last about a day or two only. This time, it was like the whole week - fever + flu + cough. We went to Normah Medical on Monday to see Dr. Alex, unfortunately he's on leave. He's Aliff favourite doctor. So, we have to see Dr. George. Unlike Dr. Alex, Dr George treat a patient as a patient (you get what I mean?) whereas Dr. Alex is more relax - usually he have this small talk with Aliff, encourage him to play the xylophone then ask Aliff to open wide his mouth while he check his sore throat. In short, Aliff really loves Dr. Alex, plus Dr. Alex was the first person to hold him when he was born.

 Aliff favourite instrument - Xylophone

By today, Aliff almost recover. Not fully recover though, still have flu and a bit of cough. The sad news is that, on Friday, Arfan also catch a flu. No fever in the beginning but by midnight he has all 3 - flu, cough and fever! So today, once again we have to go to Normah Medical. Luckily, this time Dr. Alex is around. Arfan have to undergo nap treatment - poor kid. He's a tough guy, he didn't cry at all. I'm just hoping both of them to get well really soon...cause I'm really tired.

The whole week, I didn't get to sleep well. Every night either Aliff or Arfan will woke up, sometimes both of them due to bad cough. For mommy out there, here's a good tips for you, you can reduce your child's night time cough by rubbing Vicks Vapor Rub on their feet, then putting the kid's socks on, and letting them go to bed. This really works for both my sons but then again they refuse to wore socks, so every now and then I have to rub vicks on their feet. Their coughing would subsided and literally stopped coughing all together.

Try this - really works!

Like I said, its a tiring week for me (How many times did I say that line? Duuh). A catastrophe week. Every time I woke up, I feel like a zombie - mindless and shambling. Uarghhh....

I really wish I can buy the eyes sticker. You know the stickers that resemble the shape and colour of your eyes like these :

Mind you, I'm really tired and I wish I can take a nap for a while in the office without my boss knowing that I'm actually sleeping. I can stick the stickers on my eyes, pretending to be wide awake while I sleep for a few minutes (or hours) to regain my energy.

What do you think? Cool isn't it?? Anyone know where to buy these eyes stickers, let me know - I'm interested!


Nay-MrsNurl said...

wow..where can i buy those stickers? :) nice blog

Siti said...

Hi Nay, Thanks. I'm looking around for the stickers too eh?

MiSs TOrA said...

i want diz stickers bcz i always sleep in class ;-) can u tell me where can i buy diz stickers??by d way thks sharing diz ;-) really enjoyed it

Siti said...

Hi Miss Tora, wish I know where to buy it...and buy in bulk and sale online. Sounds like a good business ehh? :-). Thanks for visiting my blog, you are welcome anytime.