Friday, August 8, 2008

Streamyx Rant

I’ve been applying for Streamyx Combo package for about 1 month now. TM have to take about 2 weeks to install my phone line and another 2 weeks and still counting for my Streamyx line to jumper!

The thing that really piss me off when the TM staff promise to send the modem and installed the internet to my house and fail to do so! I’ve called like nuts the day after and nobody pick up the phone! They dare to make promises and when they fail to turn-up, they just disappear just like that without explanation.

I end-up bought a new modem and do the installation myself! Streamyx staff only send my modem after I’ve make a complaint! They better not charge me RM88 for installation fee otherwise I will make another complaint for their lousy service!

TM promise that I will have a stable DSL light today…if they not then just wait for my endless complaining! I will not stop complaining until they do their job properly!

I really hope that the big international network will invest in Malaysia and kick TMnet’s ass. TM sucks big time!

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