Saturday, August 9, 2008


We were shopping at Choice supermall when the mall blackout! Nevertherless, we still able to bought the fast food at KFC, the cashier manage to key-in our order with the beeping machine, he was very very nervous, afraid that the back-up system might be off before he manage to complete the task...hehehe. It was 6:30 pm at that time. I didn't check other places but the whole Petra Jaya blackout!

I thought that it would not take long before SeSCO manage to troubleshoot the problem but my prediction totally wrong! It's a hot hot night, no wind, lots of mosquito...hmmphhh. By 8:30pm we (my family that is) have to drive around the neighbourhood so that we can enjoy the car air-conditioner. Aliff Zafran have to sleep in the car until 10:00 p.m. Kesiannnn...

Feel so glad when the electricity back on 11:00 p.m because Aliff Zafran already wake-up and cry! Fuhhh what a night!

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