Friday, December 30, 2011

My New Year's Resolution

1. Lose weight - hehehe every year also the same but never achieved. So, this year have to define the target of ??? kilos to lose.

2. Eat healthy - have to start eat more veggies and fruits.

3. No more credit card - really risky when you have credit card with limit of 100k especially when you treat it like cash. Really suicidal! So in other words have to spend within my means. NO Mulberry or Gucci bags unless I kena jackpot - which is highly unlikely hehehe

4. Exercise - gah! Mandatory things that i always put-off as secondary. Tsk3x.

5. Saving more money each month. So have to spend wisely! Which i never did all my life - always unwise!

I can have 1001 resolution listed, but lets just focus of these 5 for this year!

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