Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Counting days

2 more days to go before I'm going to "check-in" at Normah Medical Centre for ceasarean section surgical. Scared? Hell yeah, scared and happy at the same time. Happy cause I going to hold my new born baby soon. My first delivery I did an emergency C-Section due the the condition of my son at that time. But this time, the surgical is plan ahead.

In early pregnancy, I have placenta previa type 3. The doctor said, its fairly common to have low-laying placenta at early stage consider that I had a C-Section previously and as the uterus grows, the placenta will moves upward in most cases. During second and third trimester of pregnancy, I have varginal bleeding and need to bedrest for 1 week respectively.

I did the scanning at 32 weeks pregnancy and fortunately the placenta did move upward and I have placenta previa type 1. Sounds good and I can possibly have my vaginal delivery. However, the doctor doesn't want to take any risk and I agree 101%. So, I will be giving birth to my 2nd son on 3rd July 2009. Pray that my son and I are healthy and everything okay. Amin.


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